The Campfire

by Birds With Fleas

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The Campfire tells the story of a lost love. It is the hearth by which a husband mourns the loss of his wife. He remembers all that he can, from the first passionate ignition of that precious tinder to the slow and difficult building of a steady flame. Only after feeling the deepest pain and truest joy can he finally extinguish the fire and live as she inspired him to.


released May 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Birds With Fleas New York, New York

Birds With Fleas is an indie rock band from Chattanooga, TN.

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Track Name: Molly
Oh Molly I can see it, that burnt southern sky calls my name.
Do you miss me? Oh darling for all of my troubles were not in vain.
Oh baby please forgive me for all of the silence I have stirred,
cause lead is launching, oh screaming, If only a pin drop could be heard.

Cause I'll give all I have to circle the spring again,
no time will pass, it's not my fault, it's not my fault.
Don't be sad we'll circle the spring again,
no don't be sad cause I'm coming home.

Oh Molly the smoke is rising, but hope fills my lungs I'll prevail.
And If I perish, oh this morning then help leave behind my noble trail.

So take my hand, it's our last stand to cross our hearts again.
Track Name: The Monster
There is a monster that lives deep in my lungs,
he wanders from my throat to my tongue.
Yes I hear him whisper that there's nothing to fear,
but I know the end is near (Oh yes I know, I know the end is near).

I shiver. He's frozen my soul,
He lingers on the lies that I've told.
I'm silent so there's nothing to hear,
but I know the end is near (Oh yes I know, I know the end is near).

Oh where'd my whole life go?
Track Name: Take Me Back
ust take me back to all the things I've lost,
and take me back to when I lived without a cause.

Yea it's been a long time coming, it's been a long time,
It's been a long time coming now.

So hold my scars and hold my fear, hold all that
I brought here, and throw that in the fire.
Just take my sins and take my lies, take all of
my cut ties, and throw them in the fire.

Just take me back to when I lived in shame,
and take me back to when I didn't know my own name.
Track Name: What I Was Hoping For
Yes time is being very good to me,
I'm losing track of all my doubts,
and it keeps blinding all my misery,
for now it's stuck inside the couch.

That's what I was hoping for,
when I finally slammed that broken door.
Yes that's what I was hoping for,
when you never called, when you never called that night.

Yes life is being very good to me,
at least I think it's supposed to be,
and now I look at things much differently,
cause my heart's drifting down the stream.
Track Name: The Fire's Burning
There's days I feel you and days I go through a never ending curse.
Some nights I'm broken, some nights I'm hoping and I don't know what's worse.
Yes I see shadows deep in the hollows, a hint that you'll return.
And then I hear you, it's nice to meet you just sitting in your urn.

Cause I'm not seeing you as a place I call my home.
Yes all I see in you is dust...just dust.

I know you hear me just oh so clearly, I'm speaking through my soul.
The fire's burning, my stomach's turning, I'm sinking down this hole.
I'll tell my story till we reach morning and then I'll find a home.
I'll hold a box down inside a small town, a place to call my own.
Track Name: Trapped In Memories
You set my soul on fire, I spent my whole life tired,
no you won’t leave me be,
and now I’m trapped in memories of what you broke it's all I ever see.

I left my heart at home, just skin and hollow bones, no we won’t ever grow,
'cause I’m still trapped in memories so please...

Just let me go.

Alone is where I’ll be, yes that is all I need, so lets erase this scene,
'cause I’m still trapped in memories so please,
Track Name: My Hollow Mind
The smoke, it's trapped in my memories,
it leaks from my skull, it takes its toll.
So now I'm walking the riverbank to see where you are,
just past the stars.

Cause I feel you here between my ears, yes I know this smoke will clear.
Now I live blind, it speeds the time for my old and hollow mind, my hollow mind.

The trees are blocking my only way of reaching straight to you, just past the moon.
So now I'm climbing my stack of faults, the ones you never new. Oh where are you?

I'm still bursting at the seams, cause I can't ever seem to see, why you still hide way away from me.
Track Name: Bag Of Bones
I feel the wind it blows a different way, but all my doubt and sorrow seems to stay.
My whole life is scattered in the smoke, it tapers off to places I don't know.

I'm lost in the desert, my body turned to dust.
I know that I never thought it'd be this tough.

But there you were just holding a bag of my bones, when you said life is not lived all alone.
You laid me down alone in a stack, yes I can feel life coming back, yes I'm coming back.

You always said to look past all the gray, I tell myself that every single day.

I feel like I've lifted a boulder off my back,
and I'll always remember everything we had.
Track Name: Son Of Mine
Yes there's a life beyond this shore but we don't swim there, no not anymore.
Go and watch the undertow it's pulling you, it's sinking down your throat
and I just hope you float.

Yes I have heard of distant seas but every word it breaks me at the knees.
So son lets go inside our hole we'll spend our days just counting all the mold,
and doing what we're told.

Cause I know there's trouble in this tide that we won't ever see,
and I know that it's our time to hide from all our misery, son of mine.

Yes I can see it in your eyes you're begging me to live a different life,
and I still know your mind is young and If you swam you'd surely end up done.
So don't you go, don't you go, don't you go.
No don't you go, don't you go.
Track Name: Douse The Flames
It was a good run darling, the best I've ever had.
I still see you smiling, that used to make me sad.
But I feel my new life starting, it's right in front of me.
So I'll just keep on running to where I'm supposed to be.

Now off you go my dear, to the smallest light in all my fear.
No we won't be the same and I think its time we end this pain, so lets douse the flame.

So I will drop your heart now deep into the dirt,
so your love keeps on spreading throughout the earth.
Now I'll just keep on living and not look back in time,
So you just sit there being the apple of my eye.